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Barbara Green


Barbara has been a dog groomer for 20 years. She graduated from Highland Canine Training with certification in Bomb Detection Training, Narcotics Detection Training, Behavior Modification, and On & Off Leash Training. Barbara believes dogs can be working dogs as well as family pets.

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Distraction Dog / Behavior Modification Therapist / Playmate

Meet Euchre, a 10 year-old male neutered Mastiff/Boxer/Rottweiler mix. He's also a Certified Therapy Dog, as well as a Certified Narcotic Detection Dog. He's focused and accomplished, but also knows how to have fun. 

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Play Supervisor / Distraction Dog / Temperament Tester

Meet Luna. She's a 7 year-old spayed Shih Tzu/Havanese mix, and she is currently in training for detection work - a smart cookie! 

Don't bring your dogs here. They will not get let out in the evening. If Blake or John is working they will not let your dogs out cause they are both lazy. This is why I quit. Mike the manager doesn't seem to care as he was informed of the problem many times. They'll smile to your face but when you walk out the door it's a different story after they have your money. If you're wondering why your dog potties in the car after daycare or their bedding is soiled, this will explain it. Beware of this business!
- Bat 32