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Barbara Green


Barbara has been a dog groomer for 20 years. She graduated from Highland Canine Training with certification in Bomb Detection Training, Narcotics Detection Training, Behavior Modification, and On & Off Leash Training. Barbara believes dogs can be working dogs as well as family pets.

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Distraction Dog / Behavior Modification Therapist / Playmate

Meet Euchre, a 10 year-old male neutered Mastiff/Boxer/Rottweiler mix. He's also a Certified Therapy Dog, as well as a Certified Narcotic Detection Dog. He's focused and accomplished, but also knows how to have fun. 

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Play Supervisor / Distraction Dog / Temperament Tester

Meet Luna. She's a 7 year-old spayed Shih Tzu/Havanese mix, and she is currently in training for detection work - a smart cookie! 

This was the first time that Hank had been left with a "sitter" for the weekend. (Other than the weekend at Jensen's Animal Hospital after surgery). Dogs World North was highly recommended by those at Jensens. Hank seemed to have had a great time socializing (which he doesn't get much of) and still well behaved when we picked him up. Will certainly use them again in the future and highly recommend them.
- Terry Addis