A Day at Dogs World North

Fun-Filled Dog Day Care & Boarding

Here's what a day at Dogs World North in Northern Michigan looks like from an overnight dog guest's perspective!

Dog Boarding Schedule

6:00 am - Sounds like somebody is coming to let me out! I am happy to wake up, but it's still a little bit weird being away from home.

6:30 am - Yum! A nice lady just came and served me breakfast in my room. Thanks for the food!

7:30 am - I can't believe all of the new friends that I'm making here! Right after breakfast, one of the humans brought me over to a big, outdoor space to play. There are three other big spaces like this outside, and one that is indoors for rainy and cold days. They grouped us according to our personalities, and so far that has been a really good thing, because I've gotten along really well with my playmates. And I love the doggy staff members here: Ranger, Euchre, Preston, Luna, and Lexi!

12:00 pm - I've been playing with my new friends since 7:30 this morning. We've had so much fun playing with toys and chasing each other! The highlight of my morning was chasing a squirrel across the yard - I ALMOST caught him! I'm starting to feel a little bit tired, but I'm having so much fun that I keep forgetting I am! 

1:00pm - 3:00pm - I'm back in my room for an afternoon snooze. That nice lady from this morning came by and gave me some Kibble for a snack - the perfect thing before a nap...whew, am I tired! 

3:00pm - I woke up from my nap feeling refreshed, and it's time for a walk. I'm on my best behavior - heeling and staying, because I heard a couple of the humans talking about post-walk treats, hooray! The lady that came over to walk me is so kind and patient, and it's nice to get some one-on-one time with a human after playtime with the other dogs this morning. 

4:00pm - 5:00pm - We are back outside to play. I found a stick and played tug-o-war with Ranger, and I won! I have lots of energy after the nap and the walk, and it feels great to stretch my legs and run around the yard. I'm starting to feel hungry again...

5:00pm - It's dinner time. Need I say more? 

6:00pm - 8:00 pm - Some of us dogs are going on a walk, and some of us are back playing in the yard with each other. One of the humans gave me a tummy rub and it felt great... but I couldn't sit still for long! Dinner gave me lots more energy, so I'm headed back out to play more chase and tug-o-war! 

9:00pm - I just went out for the last time tonight before bed, and boy, am I tuckered out. I've made so many new friends today, both human and dog! I'm excited to see my family again soon, but I'm having so much fun here at Dogs World North, and I can't wait to come back and see my friends again.


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