Have Questions about Dogs World North in Northern Michigan?

We've listed some of the frequently asked questions we receive about Dogs World North in Northern Michigan and included them below. Not finding your question here? Give us a call and we'll be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I bring when boarding my dog?

Please bring your dog’s regular food, portioned in individual servings – please be sure to bring a couple extra servings in case of a delayed return.  Don’t forget to bring your dog’s medications clearly labeled with dosage instructions.

While we provide bedding for each guest, we understand that some dogs may be more comfortable with their bedding from home.  We do request that any bedding be machine washable.  You may also bring one or two toys for your dog to have in his cabin or your dog’s favorite treat. 

Please do not bring food or water bowls or non-washable bedding.

What might I expect when my dog comes home from boarding? 

Naturally, your dog will be tired and excited to see you, just as you will be after your vacation. We suggest that you limit food and water for a short time to help prevent stomach upset due to excitement. Don't be concerned if your pet just wants to rest for 24-48 hours after a stay with us. They will adjust back to the normal routine quickly.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation? 

We recommend calling at least a month in advance for major holidays and when school is out of session. If plans should change in the meantime, just call us at least 3 days in advance for a refund of your deposit. This allows us to call someone on our waiting list and accommodate another guest. 

Is there a cancellation fee? 

We understand that things come up and you may need to change your reservation.  Reservations can be cancelled up to 72 hours prior to check in.  Any reservation cancelled less than 72 hours prior to check in will be charged one nights lodging.

Is there an extra fee of administering medications? 

We do not charge a fee to administer medications your dog is required to take.  Please make sure you bring enough medication for their entire stay and that all medications are clearly labeled with dosage instructions.  Please note, we are not able to administer injections for our guests.   

Can we see the kennel before boarding? 

Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to visit, please call us at (231) 582-5800 for information on tour availability. We also advise you register your dog for a play day to experience the kennel for 3 hours as a trial. This allows the dog to experience a stay for a short period of time before you need to leave for a longer period of time, and relieves separation anxiety situations. The first 3-hour stay is free? 

What vaccinations does my dog need? 

  • DHLPP - given at least 24 hours prior to stay, and renewed every 1-3 years
  • Rabies - given at least 24 hours prior to stay, and renewed every 1-3 years
  • Bordetella - if this is the dog's first vaccine, it must be given 10 days prior to stay.  
  • We also require a negative fecal exam within 12 months prior to stay

What are your policies regarding dogs from the same family staying together? 

We will always keep dogs from the same household together, unless otherwise instructed. Additionally, lower rates are offered when dogs in the same family are staying with us. 

What happens if my dog gets sick or injured? 

In the case of illness or injury, Dogs World North will make every attempt to contact you or your emergency contact. In the event you cannot be reached, we will assume the responsibility to seek medical attention through a local veterinarian. We reserve the right to choose the veterinary clinic. In this case, all veterinary costs incurred will be the responsibility of the dog's owner. 

How old should a dog be to board? 

We recommend you wait to board your dog until after it reaches the age of 4 months, due to the fact that they will be fully vaccinated by that age. 

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

It is preferred that your dog be spayed or neutered before any play sessions or boarding. Although it is not a requirement, it will limit your dog's social activity with other guests, as intact animals have different temperament issues. However, they would still receive exercise with human companions.

What time is check in and check out? 

Pets can be checked in and out anytime during open business hours (7am - 6pm Monday-Saturday, 9am - 4pm Sunday). Dogs checked out after 12 noon will have a half-day play charge of $15 assessed per dog.

Are you open holidays?

Our office is closed for major holidays.  Holiday boarding requires a 2 day minimum stay.


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First time bording my baby Henry. Six month old black lab. Had a tour of the facility and found it well organized and very clean. I will definitely bring him back when we leave town again. Henry was happy and exhausted when we picked him up. The staff understood when I called to check on him, their passion for taking care of our fur babies is amazing!
- Katie Belfy